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login_logo_jdacidcol1252At the age of 5 I was handed my first “real” acoustic guitar. The rest has been a “love/hate” relationship ever since. With inspirational sounds emitting from my brother’s hifi stereo I grew to love (and hate) many different kinds of music. This was the 1969 through the next 20 years, I could always count on him to have something different to be inspired or scared by.  What I do is a culmination of all that and countless hours practicing all the wrong things. 😉
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I welcome your comments and love it when people get what I do.
Planning on a new tour soon and I hope to see you there to enjoy the Guitaristic Auralations.

Much Guitaristic Auralations Love!!!

James Delia( o|===;;;™
“Life is short, enjoy the music.”