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James Delia is an American guitarist and music producer. At the age of five James Delia was handed his first “real” acoustic guitar. The rest has been a “love/hate” relationship ever since. With inspirational sounds emitting from his brother’s HiFi stereo, James Delia grew to love (and hate) many different kinds of music. This was 1969 through the next 20 some odd years. “I could always count on him to have something different to be inspired or scared by.” says James about his brother’s taste in music. “What I do is a culmination of all I have heard and countless hours practicing all the wrong things.” he says. 😉

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I welcome your comments and love it when people get what I do.
Planning on a new tour soon and I hope to see you there to enjoy the Guitaristic Auralations.

Much Guitaristic Auralations Love!!!

James Delia ( o|===;;;™
“Life is short, enjoy the music.”